Play Basket Puzzle! on Baseball 9

Basket Puzzle!

Basket Puzzle!

About Basket Puzzle!

Basket Puzzle! is a brand new basketball game, its goal is to use basketball to challenge the mind to win as many points as possible. The game challenges the player's intelligence by engaging them in a humorously challenging logic puzzle.

You can throw the basketball into the basket using a fan, trampoline or conveyor belt. A 3x4 square sized playing area can be seen on the screen. In one of the squares there will be a ball, and in the other there will be a basketball hoop. You will have the ability to move things on the blocks, such as balls and baskets, as they move through the cells. Try to put the ball into the ring as accurately as possible!

You can play some other similar sports games such as Legends Basketball Stars, Super Snappy Hoops.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control the ball and put it in the circle to get points.


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