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Baseball 9 is a captivating game that simulates the sport of baseball. It offers an exciting opportunity for fans of the sport to take charge of their own team. Baseball 9 delivers fast-paced and realistic baseball matches that will keep you engaged. Manage every aspect of your team, from recruiting and developing players to raising their stats and leading them to victory in the prestigious Legend League Championship. 

The customization options are endless as you can personalize your players by changing their faces, body types, equipment, and even their dominant hand. Showcase your creativity by renaming your team and crafting a unique emblem and uniform. Your team's appearance will become a symbol of pride as you progress through the different leagues. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey and prove that you have what it takes to rise to the top of the baseball world?

Gameplay Basics

The objective of Baseball 9 is to score more runs than the opposing team by hitting the ball and successfully advancing around the bases. Each team takes turns batting and fielding.

How To Play


  • When it's your team's turn to bat, you'll see the batter at home plate.
  • Tap the screen to swing the bat when the pitcher throws the ball.
  • Timing is crucial to make good contact with the ball.
  • Aim to hit the ball into open spaces or far enough to allow your runners to advance.


  • When your team is fielding, you control the pitcher.
  • Tap the pitch button to throw the ball.
  • Choose from different pitch types like fastball, slider, change-up, or forkball.
  • Aim to throw pitches inside the strike zone to induce swings and misses or weak contact.
  • Strategic pitching can help you prevent the opposing team from scoring runs.

Base Running:

  • When your batter hits the ball, your runners will automatically start running.
  • Swipe the screen in the desired direction to guide your runners.
  • Timing and decision-making are crucial when deciding to advance or stay on a base.
  • Stealing bases can be advantageous but carries some risk, so choose your opportunities wisely.

Team Management:

  • As you progress in the game, you can recruit new players and develop their skills.
  • Use recruitment tickets to acquire new players.
  • Upgrade your players' stats to enhance their performance on the field.
  • Customize your players' appearance, including their names, faces, body types, and equipment.
  • Rename your team and customize its emblem and uniform to create a unique identity.

Leagues and Championships:

  • Baseball 9 features various leagues, such as Bronze, Silver, Master, Champions, Legend, and World.
  • Compete against teams in your league to advance and reach higher divisions.
  • Play regular season games and participate in playoffs for a chance to win championships.
  • Climbing through the leagues requires skill, strategy, and a well-developed team.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to play Baseball 9, grab your bat, take the mound, and enjoy the thrilling world of virtual baseball!

Game Features

★ Key Game Features:

  • Lightning-fast and nimble gameplay!
  • A delightful blend of casual characters and intense game mechanics!
  • Batting, pitching, and fielding all equally exhilarating!
  • Take full control of base running for added excitement!
  • Dive into comprehensive player statistics for strategic analysis!
  • Enhanced Autoplay with customizable automation options for players, innings, watching, and quick results.
  • Personalize, equip, and fine-tune your players with new names and gear!
  • Enjoy the game in offline mode, anytime, anywhere!

★ Swift and Compact Action:

  • Immerse yourself in a swift and streamlined playing experience.
  • Unleash colossal home runs and experience heart-pounding strikeouts.
  • Enjoy specialized auto functions tailored to every aspect of the game!

★ Embrace the Realism of Baseball:

  • Indulge in a realistic baseball experience with authentic rules and gameplay.
  • Witness simulated results based on actual game statistics.

★ Recruit and Develop Your Dream Team:

  • Scout and recruit talented players, molding them to your desired playstyle.
  • Equip and upgrade skills to transform them into specialists on the field.
  • Elevate player tiers to turn them into celebrated hall of famers.

★ Unleash Your Creativity with Player Customization:

  • Give your players unique identities by renaming them and assigning batting or pitching preferences.
  • Customize their appearances, from facial features to body types, and choose distinct batting and pitching motions.
  • Experiment with a wide array of bats, gloves, and glasses to create one-of-a-kind player personas.

★ Manage Your Team and Ascend to Higher Leagues:

  • Revitalize your team by renaming it, designing a new emblem, and selecting stylish uniforms.
  • Expand into impressive stadiums and keep track of cumulative team stats.
  • Compete in thrilling postseason battles, striving for promotion to prestigious higher leagues.

★ Tablet Compatibility:

  • Seamlessly enjoy the game on tablets, unlocking a larger and more immersive gameplay experience.

Essential Tips, Clever Tactics, and Winning Strategies

In this comprehensive Baseball 9 guide, you will learn everything you need to know about playing Baseball 9, from the basics of pitching and striking to mastering stealing bases and other essential aspects of the game. Additionally, you'll discover valuable tips on obtaining freebies, effective base running, and much more. Let's dive straight into this informative Baseball 9 guide and equip ourselves with the knowledge and strategies to excel in the game:

Mastering the Basics of Baseball 9

  • Utilize recruitment tickets to acquire players, focusing on upgrades for recruited players only.
  • Non-upgradable players lack essential attributes, making it challenging to compete against powerful teams.
  • Recruitment costs 150 gems, obtainable through video ads, missions, and achievements.
  • Strategic gameplay can overcome low-quality players and lead to victories in league matches.

Pitching Guide in Baseball 9

  • Aim to pitch within the strike zone, avoiding foul balls outside the zone.
  • Adjust the ball's direction or swing using the controller after tapping the pitch button.
  • Tap the pitch button and select from various types such as Fast Ball (FB), Forkball (FRK), Slider (SL), or Change-Up (CH).
  • Adopt an aggressive pitching style to prevent opposing players from hitting the ball.

Foiling Base Stealers

  • When an opponent is on a base, a warning icon (i) appears before pitching the ball.
  • Tap the icon to prevent base stealing attempts.

Batting Guide in Baseball 9

  • Hitting the ball requires precise timing and careful selection of shot type.
  • Tap the ready button and choose between Contact, Power, L-Bunt, or R-Bunt shots.
  • Follow the ball's movement using the navigation keys and swing when the ball enters the circle.

Base Running and Stealing

  • Instruct team players to run to the next base by tapping the run icon.
  • Consider the situation's risk and potential benefits when deciding to steal a base.

Fielding Tactics in Baseball 9

  • Fielding should be precise, with automatic ball pickups and throws by fielders.
  • Manually select the base to which you want to throw the ball by tapping on it.

Controlling Players After Hitting the Ball

  • After making contact, players will automatically run towards the next base.
  • Stop their movement by tapping the navigation keys or selecting a specific base.

Obtaining Free Gems and Recruitment Tickets

  • Watch video ads under the "Free Gems" option on the main screen.
  • Complete missions and achievements listed in their respective tabs.
  • Explore sponsored offers and download apps or games for more gems.

Wise Coin Management

  • Coins are rewards for winning league matches.
  • Avoid spending coins on gears and instead save them to increase the tier of recruited players.
  • Use the upgrade tab to promote players to higher tiers, enhancing their overall rating.

Player Upgrades

  • Access the upgrade tab to enhance a recruited player's attributes using attribute points (AP) earned from winning matches or leveling up.
  • Increase the maximum level of a player using coins and unlock skills at level 10, requiring skill points.

Batting Tips for Newbies

  • Opt for contact shots for better consistency.
  • Time your swings accurately.
  • Avoid swinging at pitches outside the strike zone.
  • Practice batting in the game's settings through the practice mode.

Pitching Tips for Newbies

  • Experiment with pitching outside the strike zone occasionally.
  • Favor fastballs and sliders for effective pitching.
  • Control the ball's movement using navigation keys.
  • Aim pitches towards the corners of the strike zone.

Season in Baseball 9 Overview

Each season in Baseball 9 consists of a regular season and playoffs, with various leagues offering different levels of difficulty. Here's a breakdown of the leagues:

  1. Bronze 3,2,1: These leagues feature 42 games each and are considered the easiest levels. Progression through these leagues should be relatively quick.
  2. Silver 3,2,1: With 84 games per league, the competition starts to become more challenging. However, it is still relatively manageable at this stage.
  3. Master 3,2,1: The Master leagues consist of 126 games. The competition significantly improves, but if you have developed your team properly, you should still be able to succeed.
  4. Champions 3,2,1: This league comprises 168 games and presents formidable competition. It is recommended to spend around 9-10 seasons in this league to enhance your team. Moving from Champions 1 to Legend 3 typically requires approximately four seasons.
  5. Legend 3,2,1: The competition reaches a highly challenging level, demanding a well-prepared team. This league is where the user "offtheheazy" plays.
  6. World 3,2,1: Consider yourself fortunate to reach this league. Both World and Legend leagues involve 168 games. The playoffs consist of the League Division Series (LDS) and League Championship Series (LCS). The playoffs follow a 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 format, with a best-of-five series, and the winners advance to a best-of-seven series. However, there are no World Series winning or walk-off animations in the game.

Stadium Overview

  • Play Stadium: This is the base stadium in the game, reminiscent of generic stadiums from the 90s. It has conventional lower and upper decks, and the outfield walls are moderately hitter-friendly.
  • Challenge Field: A smaller stadium that poses a unique challenge. It features smaller dimensions, with a center field home run requiring a distance of just 379 feet. The left field has three small decks, while the right field has two.
  • Champions Park: This stadium is considered average in terms of its features. It has 500-foot seats in the center field and double-deck structures. The dimensions and wall design resemble those of the Play Stadium.
  • Legend Stadium: Known for its enjoyable gameplay, this stadium has slightly larger dimensions than average, making hitting triples more challenging. It stands out with a long first deck in left field and "The Bricks" in right field, characterized by a brick wall with a fencing portion in front of it.
  • Súper SkyDome: The newest addition to the game, this stadium was introduced in February. It is gigantic in size, providing ample space for hits to result in doubles and triples more easily than in other stadiums.

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