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World Cup Penalty

World Cup Penalty

About World Cup Penalty

World Cup Penalty lets you experience the high-pressure world of international football, where you score as many goals as possible from the penalty spot. Your overall performance in each match will determine whether you qualify for the next round of the tournament or not. Always remember that every match is important!

Join the ranks of the World Cup's penalty-taking stars! Striker and goalkeeper are both roles that you will take on in this game. To score penalties, you must control the three most important aspects of the soccer ball, which are its speed, height and direction. Players will progress through a number of matches in the World Cup Penalty, each match becoming more difficult in an effort to reach the ultimate goal of reaching the final. Each match is decided by a penalty shootout. Do your best to win against your opponents so you can win the World Cup. Are you confident that you will be able to demonstrate proficiency in both attacking and keeping the ball away from goal?

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember that mastering the controls is the most important thing.
  • By observing your opponents' team patterns, you can gain valuable insights into how they play the game.
  • A solid defense is important, you should not ignore the importance of training your goalkeeper.

How To Play

  • To get started, select the team you want to play for from the list.
  • Navigate your player using touch or mouse controls.

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