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BasketGo! Incredible

BasketGo! Incredible

About BasketGo! Incredible

Pleased to welcome you in BasketGo! Incredible, your main goal is that you must remove or redirect obstacles before the ball can roll into the basket. A set of rules defines the parameters of the playing field, while the rules of the game themselves determine the precise rules that control that playing field.

While on the basketball court, you can try your hand at dunks. The goal remains the same, even if you cannot witness a regular sporting event. To earn the highest score, create the correct tokens. You can't start scoring until you put the ball in the net. Different approaches are considered and implemented to achieve the goal. There is nothing that can prevent the ball from moving from one level to the next, even if it has been dropped on the field. To keep the ball from hitting any obstacles on its way to the hoop, BasketGo! Incredible. Incredibly, you will have to move or push them out of the way. If this doesn't work, you can always try changing the item's properties or the order in which you click it. What is the probability that you will achieve success in all your endeavors?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control the trajectory and force of the ball as it enters the basket.

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