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Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

About Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball is a baseball simulation game that allows players to compete in a variety of settings to complete a number of different objectives. Your aim is to bat and score as many runs as possible throughout the match.

Unlike the usual baseball experience, this game gives players the opportunity to personalize their own team and character, which adds a fun and special touch to the game. If you do certain jobs in one area, you will be able to access the next area, which contains additional activities for you to complete. In addition to being able to choose your favorite players, you can also build your own lineup and choose from several different outfields in Backyard Baseball. If you want to ensure that your team wins the game, you have the ability to control your players and use various powers. There are also a variety of power-ups and rewards included in the game, which add a level of excitement to the entire experience.


How To Play

For mobile

  • Touch and hold the screen to position the batsman.
  • Tap the screen again to swing the club.

For computers

  • Move the mouse cursor to aim the bat and position your batter
  • Click to swing your club.

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