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Ball Up 3D

Ball Up 3D

About Ball Up 3D

Welcome to the thrilling world of Ball Up 3D, where you will overcome challenges and overcome obstacles, while collecting mysterious boxes. Your main goal remains the same: race to be the first to reach the finish line!

Join the action with characters that turn into balls when jumping high. Push the participant with a knife, making impressive leaps in height. Be careful to avoid hitting the forehead directly as sharp objects act as support. Try to stick them correctly when the blue ball is mid-jump. As your competitors try to make progress, your goal is to surpass them. In subsequent levels, obstacles will add complexity to the knife's rapid movements. Identify strategic locations to throw and secure your path to victory. Enjoy the challenge and may the most skillful thrower win!


How To Play

  • Click to throw the knife to the appropriate location.

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