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Football Superstars 2024

Football Superstars 2024

About Football Superstars 2024

Football Superstars 2024 is an intense soccer game where you can compete in exciting matches against teams from all over the world. Take the field with your beloved national football team and try to win it all, whether it's France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy or the Netherlands. Take command of your chosen team and strive for victory.

Show off your skills in two thrilling game modes while controlling all eleven players! To successfully manage the national team you have chosen to play in matches, you must first get used to the controls. Just like in a real soccer match, your team's success depends on scoring more goals than the opposing team before the clock runs out. Try to win every match, top the league and win the World Cup!

How To Play

  • Control with arrow keys.
  • To change characters or shoot, use the ASD keys.

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