Play Ballbeez on Baseball 9



About Ballbeez

In the really simple ball toss game Ballbeez, your goal is to win as many points as possible by dropping brightly colored Ballbeez into the cup. Immerse yourself in Ballbeez's mesmerizing graphics as you embark on this thrilling adventure.

Collect the balls and drop them into the cup as quickly as possible; Once they reach the dotted line, turn off the mechanisms. When you fill the glass in the Ballbeez game, you will receive a specific number of points. As the Ballbeez soaks up the water and grows within the confines of the cup with each throw, be patient and watch the thrilling transformation unfold. Be careful to keep Ballbeez in the cup as you race to the top. To improve your chances of success and avoid falling over, practice good balance while throwing. Are you ready for this toss game?

How To Play

  • Tap the screen to drop the balls into the container.

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