Play Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition on Baseball 9

Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

About Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

In the entertaining soccer game Super Soccer Noggins—Xmas Edition, you will play as a super coach tasked with leading your team to victory. Choose from a group of big-headed characters in holiday outfits and battle across snowy fields—it's all part of the game's festive atmosphere.

Achieving an excellent reputation and winning tournaments is the main goal of the game. To do this, you will have to win against opponents from many different countries. Each match is 60 seconds long and you must score the current number of goals during that time. When the game ends, the money will belong to you. You can improve your player's speed, accuracy, impact force, and other characteristics. Good luck and know that the field is always changing so there's no need to be afraid.


How To Play

Press and hold the arrow keys to control your ball.

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